Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Le Mystère WINNER

Now ladies, you are all winners in my book, but the True Random Number Generator says that Whitney from Running With Whit will no longer have to worry about bouncing through the finish line of her next race!

Yes, Le Mystère's Energie Sports Bra will be fabulous for her next triathlon, I bet it will even make her faster. Yes, they are that good. Congrats Whit, you do not have to be worried about a booby trap thanks to Le Mystère.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Booby Trap, A Perky Giveaway

WARNING: All of my male readers (yes, all two of, my brother and Taz) stop reading now because this is going to be about bras and not in the way that you would enjoy, sorry, I will blog about food, adventure, and single friends later.

Alright ladies, all but a few of my readers are wearing the wrong size bra. Yes you, um...don't click off,  I am talking to you and you need help. Up to 85% of women are in bras that they spill out of, bras that are not supportive, bras where the straps fall down constantly and bras that flatten, squish, droop or just plain look unattractive on the body.

Oprah even had an intervention and a revolution about it, so that must tell you that the fit of your bra must be a big deal. But, not everyone listened to Oprah, oh so sad. I am still seeing women shoving into too-small cups or allowing them to float freely in a draping sling. Seriously, the wrong bra makes you look overweight and frumpy when they are hanging to your navel.  Much the same way that plucking a unibrow can lead to awe and wonder (hey, there are two there!), a good bra can give you better posture and make you seem much perkier, if you catch my drift.

Now, first and foremost having a bra fitting is essential, many of the big department stores are doing them now. I know, bra shopping ranks right up their with your yearly doctors appointment. But, after you get fit the first time, it is no big deal, actually, GASP! it can be enjoyable to go pick out bras. No more sneaking into the lingerie section of a store and grabbing some boxed bra that does not fit you right anyway.

Oprah came out in staunch support of Le Mystère Dream Tisha Bra, so I had to try one. And, yes ma'am, I fell in love! (again, men, you really don't need to be reading this, STOP!) Seriously, it lifted and separated in just the right places while not cutting under my arm, oh yea... I felt shocked, elated and pretty dang HOT all at the same time. Plus, I love Le Mystère's mission that it is all about fit and how they understand a woman’s need for both fashion and function. 

Now for the exciting part, I get the honor of playing Oprah and sharing one of my ultimate favorite things with YOU. A Bra and Panty set from Le Mystère, an uplifting gift valued at $125.

Here is how to enter: leave a comment for each of your entries belowOf course, you need to be a FOLLOWER of The Park Wife blog, then,
1- Go Like Le Mystère on Facebook, tell them The Park Wife sent you
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3- Tweet about the Giveaway, leave the tweets url as a comment.
3- Blog about the Giveaway, leave your url as a comment.

So, up to four (4) entries for a beautiful set! Deadline to enter is Tuesday, July 26 at 9:00 p.m. Central.

Your bosom buddy, helping you find the support you need,
The Park Wife

DISCLOSURE: Transparency is everything! Well, maybe not in a bra but on my blog giveaways and in my life it is. I will receive a complimentary set from one of Le Mystère's collection and they are providing the prize for the giveaway as well. I really do own and believe in their products and frequently recommend them to my friends (that will listen to me go on and on about the importance of a bra that fits appropriately).  Once a winner is selected and their information has been forwarded to the sponsor, the responsibility of prize fulfillment rests with the sponsor. I truly adore Le Mystère!